The Lightest Cars You Can Buy

There are lots of reasons why someone might be interested in buying the lightest cars on the market. For one thing, lightest cars are going to be more fuel efficient as a matter of course, just because they are lighter and it is going to take less energy to move vehicles that are lighter in general. Many people who love sports cars are specifically going to look for the lighter sports cars as well since these are the cars that will tend to gather a lot of speed. Light cars often handle very well. They tend to be relatively low in cost, and that should make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to save money on their cars in all ways.

Smart ForTwo

This is one of the lightest cars that people are going to find on the market anywhere. This is a car that weighs 1,808 pounds. Even many of the other very light cars on the market are going to weigh around 2,000 pounds at a minimum. A car that manages to weigh 1,808 pounds manages to stand out in the marketplace.

People are going to need to make some sacrifices when it comes to power with a car like this one, of course. However, it’s certainly going to be one of the best cars regarding fuel economy and one of the most adorable on the market. Many people will love the way the car looks.

Mitsubishi Mirage (MT)

Lots of people want a lighter car that is still going to be more traditional regarding its make, model, and its inner functioning. The Mitsubishi Mirage (MT) fits the bill in that regard, and it weighs in at only 1,973 pounds. It appears to be a very sturdy ride for its size, and it is a much simpler car to operate than many of the highly technical and complex cars on the market these days.

Scion iQ

No one would ever guess that a car like this one could ever fit four people, but it can, and they are going to be able to ride in their car comfortably. The Scion iQ weighs in at 2,127 pounds, and it is just the sort of vehicle that is going to get people through the world in a safe, comfortable, and tiny package. While it is only slightly heavier than many of the other cars on the list of the lightest cars, it also has significantly more horsepower than many of them, so this is a car that manages to have lots of power for a vehicle that is so tiny.

Chevrolet Spark (MT)

This Chevy is the most expensive car on the list today and the heaviest, but still light compared to most cars. It has such a small build that people should be able to park almost anywhere in a car like this one. It weighs in at 2,269 pounds, and it still has slightly more horsepower than some of the other cars on this list.